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Bureau of Land Management Jobs – Natural Resource Spec/Ecologist

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Job Description:

Applicants are encouraged to use the USA Jobs resume template. However, if you do not use the template you must ensure your resume contains ALL required information which includes hours worked, starting and ending months and years, and if Federal employment (series, pay plan, and grade).

Job Responsibilities:

This is a developmental position. If hired at the GS-09 grade level, the incumbent will perform the duties of the full performance level position at a reduced level of responsibility and/or difficulty while receiving on-the-job, trainee assignments or other appropriate training. Assignments are designed to prepare the incumbent to perform the duties and responsibilities in the full target position of Natural Resource Specialist/Ecologist, GS-0401/0408-11. Duties include progressively more difficult work in various phases of resource management. The goal of the work is to give the incumbent the experience and skills needed to fill the GS-11 target position that requires knowledge and skills typical of the higher factor levels.

As the Natural Resource Spec/Ecologist-

  • Managing and conserving the natural resources within the jurisdiction
  • Evaluating a variety of natural resources and ecological communities in relation to natural resource management
  • Directing wildlife habitat management (with an emphasis on habitat rehabilitation), within the framework of multiple use land management
  • Program planning, resource monitoring and program accomplishment in the area of wildlife and watershed resources, as well as riparian and ecosystem management to alleviate or eliminate detrimental management impacts created by other resource uses
  • Plan and carry out intensive investigations into complex biological, vegetation, soils, and rangeland management program concerns
  • Determine process(es) and which interrelationships to examine between biological organisms, including man, with physical resources and environments
  • Analyze the effects of management on biological components such as big game habitat, vegetation conditions, animal and plant population dynamics, plant growth requirements and ecological conditions
  • Examine the relationship to physical processes such as water, nutrient and energy cycles, soil erosion, water quality and geology
  • Perform administrative work related to the profession, including budget planning, activity based costing, and preparation of grants
  • Provide detailed interpretation of watershed surveys and geographic information system (GIS) to provide information identifying the needs for effective management of natural resources

Job Requirements:

  • Time-in-Grade: Current or former Federal employees applying under merit promotion considerations must meet applicable time-in-grade requirements for consideration.
  • A one year trial/probationary period may be required.
  • Meet Selective Service Registration Act requirement for males
  • Must provide resume and supporting documents (See required documents).
  • May be required to complete background investigation and drug screening.
  • U.S. Citizenship Required.

Job Details:

Company: Bureau of Land Management

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Redding, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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