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Hydro One Employment – Supervisor Distribution Technician

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Job Description:

Hydro One is proud to be the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in Ontario, serving nearly 1.4 million customers. We have a long history in the industry with our roots dating back over 110 years to 1906. Since then, we have worked to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we’re focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring we are building safe communities where we live, work and play.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Take corrective action as necessary.
  • Assess, plan and participate in the work of the area distribution and meter service provider layout programs including: preparation of detailed engineering designs line layouts for new connects, service upgrades, extensions, betterments, relocations, and performance of joint-use activities, meter revers, meter samples, meter testing, and metering requirements within the area.
  • Coordinate with FLM the priorities of meter service provider work, line extensions, subdivisions, new connects, service upgrades and line services where technician work is required.
  • Plan and coordinate the preparation of estimates for major betterments, work orders, capital projects, system capability projects, utility demand, conversions, relocations and other projects.
  • Coordinate planning and scheduling with program manager responsible for work and assist in closing work orders.
  • Take necessary actions to meet schedule and advise supervisor if deadlines cannot be met.
  • Carry out staking activities and prepare staking data including the specification of structures with appropriate consideration to mechanical forces for the purpose of recommending pole size and guying in accordance with approved standards.
  • Coordinate work with external organizations, such as, road authorities, pipeline companies, telephone companies, consulting engineers, etc, to discuss, work out details and reach agreement on distribution matters of mutual interest and concern.
  • Preparation of sketches and associated detail for water, rail and pipeline crossings and arrangements for approvals. Meet with representatives of telephone, cable TV companies, other utilities and government agencies to incorporate their requirements and obtain necessary approvals and or obtain reaction to proposed joint use agreements.
  • Supervise area distribution technicians, meter technicians and meter reader data collectors in the execution of assigned electrical distribution system and metering work programs.
  • Prepare estimates and work orders (WO), work schedules, line and service designs, joint use, provision of underground cable and fault location service.
  • Process and maintain all area joint-use records.
  • Prepare and process billing authorization and permits, as necessary.
  • Be responsible for staff safety, conduct and productivity.
  • Arrange and perform audits the five-year check of joint use facilities and process any resulting changes as directed by Network Management.
  • Supervise, monitor area and coordinate the work performance of assigned staff relating to work quality, safety and quantity.
  • Review and assess negotiations of property rights by area technicians to ensure compliance with acquisition standards. Coordinate with other groups to establish planning schedules.
  • Under the direction of the FLM – perform planning/scheduling relating to the technical support work for the distribution line facilities and meter service provider program within the area.
  • Monitor work in progress and ensure appropriate materials, tools and Transport and Work Equipment (T&WE) are available.
  • Assign work and provide advice, guidance and training.
  • Monitor line and station performance by performing various technical studies.
  • Negotiate property settlements on distribution lines and perform joint use activities.
  • Perform staking activities and prepare design packages for new connections, service upgrades, extensions, betterments and relocations.
  • Monitor staff and work program compliance to Distribution System Code requirements and reporting discrepancies to the FLM for action.

Job Requirements:

  • Requires experience in supervising subordinate staff.
  • Requires a knowledge of drafting and distribution line diagrams.
  • Requires a good knowledge of electrical distribution system theory including: performance of distribution line and station operations, mathematics, computer programming and applications related to transformer load management, phase balancing, periodic voltage and current surveys, application and use of various protective equipment and voltage control techniques and proper line extension planning and layout work.
  • Requires a knowledge of accounting to prepare inventories and pricing for sale or purchase of distribution facilities.
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired in and equivalent to a Grade XII education in a secondary school plus intermediate related courses.
  • Requires experience with applicable safety practices and procedures.
  • Requires experience to be familiar with computer information systems for estimating, bills of material, scheduling, Customer Information systems and feedback systems.
  • Requires experience in negotiating property settlements, easements, related to the acquisition of easement rights, maintenance of agreements related to tree cutting rights and purchases connected with power installations and distribution lines.
  • Requires experience to gain an understanding of distribution system practices, procedures, standards and operation of various test equipment related to phase balancing, protective coordination, voltage improvement techniques, estimating, scheduling activities, major betterments, work orders, capital projects, etc.
  • Requires experience related to commissioning, trouble-shooting and routine preventative maintenance of equipment related to metering and telecommunication.
  • Requires proficiency in English to prepare correspondence, technical reports and to communicate effectively with internal and external contacts.
  • Requires a knowledge of electrical and electronic theory related to telecommunications, control and metering equipment and circuitry.

Job Details:

Company: Hydro One

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Cobden, ON, CA

Application Deadline: N/A

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